Keeping it clean in this retirement community!

Here at this continuing care retirement community we take great pride in our appearance and cleanliness. With a housekeeping team of 30 dedicated and seasoned employees, when you walk through the doors of our amazing campus it feels like you’re walking into a 5 star resort.  The floors are always sparkling, the air is always fresh, the windows glistening and most importantly our residents are always smiling.  Our staff has many years of experience and we strive to be the best “clean team” on the Isle of Venice.

Florida Retirement Community

Village On The Isle consists of Independent, Assisted and Skilled living areas.  We have 4 buildings and 7 cottages that make up our campus and each one is just as important as the next to maintain. One of the 4 buildings is our skilled nursing building “Luke Haven” which just recently went through a state survey. The outcome of the survey was very favorable, resulting in ZERO deficiencies along with surveyor comments noting how this building was one of the “cleanest buildings they had surveyed in a very long time.”  Way to go VOTI team!

Just recently our pool area was renovated into a beautiful, tranquil paradise.  With that, the task of keeping the pool area sparkling & supplied with fresh towels has been added to our housekeeping “to do” list.  Keeping the buildings clean on the inside is very important.  However, during these hot summer months, we realize staying cool by the pool is just as important to the residents.   We want to make sure the swimming area is clean and comfortable for everyone to enjoy.

I am very proud of my team and even more proud to be part of a team that has the opportunity to enhance the lives of our residents!  For questions related to housekeeping here at Village On The Isle, please feel free to content me directly.

Blog written by:

Missy Collard

Director Of Housekeeping


Retirement Community Resident honored by US Submarine Veterans

Silent Service … Run Silent, Run Deep

IMG_3696Leonard “Bull” Durham, resident of Village on the Isle, was honored by the United States Submarine Veterans on Thursday, July 17, 2014. Bull served on the USS Crevalle from 1944-1946 and was recognized for 50 years of Submarine Qualification and service to our country. He was inducted into the Holland Club as testimony of his years of honorable and faithful service to the U.S. Navy and the Submarine Force. Welcome Aboard, Shipmate!

The USS Sailfish base was established in 2007 for submariners in Venice and the surrounding areas. The base meets the third Thursday of each month at noon at American Legion NO-VEL Post 159 located at 1770 E. Venice Avenue. Interested submariners are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Jack McAllister at (941) 493-7488.

CCRC VeniceIMG_3686USS Sailfish base members pictured from L to R: Al Harring, one of the cornerstones of the base; Leonard “Bull” Durham, July 2014 inductee; and Jack McAllister, Sr. Vice Commander

Actively retired in a Florida Continuing Care Retirement Community

Actively retired in a Florida Continuing Care Retirement Community

Downtown Venice SignThere’s always something to do at Village On The Isle. The recreation department presents well-balanced and enriching activities for our residents. It is through a combination of social, educational, spiritual and physical events that our seniors are fulfilled. Social engagements such as dinner parties, film viewings, musical concerts, bridge and happy hour are offered. Some of our recent outings have been to: The Big Cat Habitant, Bok Towers, The Key Lime Festival at Fisherman’s Village, Solomon’s Castle, Rays baseball field, The Venice Symphony, Venice Concert Band, The Venice Theatre and The Lemonbay Theatre. We’ve seen performances from such acts as Les Gowan, Bill Milner, and Sparrow in our Renaissance Room.

Seniors using iPadsWe’ve also improved our driving with a 55+ driving class presented by AAA, and improved our technology skills with our iPad class keeping our residents connected! Join us as we look forward to more educational challenges and classes being offered in the future.

Physical health is also emphasized at VOTI.  Multiple fitness classes are offered every weekday ranging from cardio and body toning to swimming, Wii games, and Tai Chi.

Faith Based Retirement CommunitySpiritual fulfillment comes in many forms within our community. Even though we are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we seek to provide activities that will grant satisfaction to those with various religious beliefs and practices, as well as for individuals seeking spiritual answers. Rev. Don Hillerich and visiting spiritual leaders from different faiths provide a mid-week service each week.

The Recreation Department tries to offer a wide range of opportunities for fun, so don’t forget to check your monthly calendar of events, or tune into our VCTV on channel 195, with twenty-four hour access to some of our upcoming events:

For all events click here.

1. July 4 – patriot music with Frank Alvarez and the Crow’s Nest for their special 4th of July dinner and fireworks viewing

2. July 8 – Lunch at O’Bricks and a trip to see the DaVinci Machines Exhibit at the Bradenton Auditorium

3. July 9 – Entertainment by Al Lister

4. July 11 –  Veterans’ Lunch at the Elks Club

5. July 13 – Stepping out to dinner at Lock & Key

6. July 15 – Shopping at Port Charlotte Mall

7. July 22 – Lunch at the Breakfast House

8. July 23 – Dance demonstration by Fred Astaire Dance Studio

9. July 26 – Ringling Museum –Fakes and Forgeries

In August we will have guest speaker present on the topic of “Stress” and we’ll visit the Bishop Planetarium, South Florida Museum and the Parker Manatee Aquarium.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!!

by Kathleen Campbell, Recreation Director





Independent Living and the Freedom to Choose!

Independent Living FloridaFreedom, liberty, and autonomy are all words that describe independence.  It is what we strive for as children and as adolescents.  Oh how we long for the day that we are free to make our own choices!  As we grow into adulthood and beyond, we of course learn from our mistakes and grow from them.

Decisions like where to go to school, who to marry, where to raise our children, the list goes on and on.  And so we learn and live day by day enjoying the freedom of our choices.  Freedom is the ability to make decisions and live our lives free from the control or influence of other people that deeply satisfies our sense of self.  This deep rooted desire does not leave us as we age.  If anything, we hold onto as much control as possible.  Let’s face it; growing older can be full of surprises!

Planning for retirement is one of the surest ways to maintain the independence you have worked so hard for all your life.  By age seventy-five you should begin to research your options.  Decisions can be difficult unless you educate yourself about the many options there are in retirement communities that are available to you.  For example, does a Continuing Care Retirement Community make sense for you?  If so, what are the benefits, when is the right time to move, can I afford this lifestyle?

We find that smart seniors will have researched various retirement choices, both close to home or near a relative.  Visiting multiple communities takes time, but will be worth it to find your perfect home.  If the time is taken to visit and explore each place, examine any differences, and visit places that seem to fit the bill, it will be a much easier transition.  If research is done early and a plan is made, everyone will be much happier with their decision. Let’s face it, it’s our life, shouldn’t we spend our retirement where we want and with the people we want?

Happy Independence to all the seniors out there from Village On The Isle!



iPad reducing Depression?

iPad reducing Depression?

CEO Tom Kelly and his staff encourage our seniors stay connected!

“Get off those video games!”  “Get off the internet!” “Get off of your iPhone and go outside and play!”  These phrases and similar, are often heard leaving the mouths of many parents today. Instructing their children to put their laptops, and iPads down, and pick up their sneakers to go play outside. Well, If you are a senior citizen, you have permission to pick up those laptops, or iPads and get on the internet! A recent study conducted by Michigan State University has proven that seniors who use the internet are cutting down the number of older Americans with depression by 30%.

Seniors using iPadsThese devices are playing a role in the decrease in depression in seniors simply because using them keeps them in contact with family, friends & current events at their finger tips.  For them, Social Media opens up communication and simply helps them to not feel so lonely or isolated.

The study focused on depression levels on over 3,000 elderly participants before and after implanting internet use into their lives. Studies did show that for older people who live alone, internet use has a greater impact on their levels of depression. However, like many other things, the positive effects of the internet will go hand in hand in how the internet is being used, how often it is being used and how one would manage to incorporate their internet use into their everyday routine.

Retiree using iPadIt’s proven, that even when we age, if we feel as though we are “up with the times,” that we have kept up with change, and stay at the same pace as our kids and grandkids, we feel younger, we act younger and feel healthier and more “fresh” if you will.  Presently in today’s business world it’s the only time you will see all 4 generations together in the work force, and I think it’s a safe bet, that can be said for the use of technology,  that all 4 generations are using the Internet and all of the devices to get on the internet, surfing for information,  social networking, etc.

Village On The Isle is a very “connected” campus.  We offer FREE Wifi to all residents and guests.  Our savvy seniors can be found around campus using their iPads and iPhones or even meeting at their weekly iPad support group.  The recreation department holds classes throughout the year that give tips & advice for surfing the web as well as using social networks such as Facebook.  Village On The Isle residents are “up with the times!”



Our traveling retirement community

Florida Retirement CommunitiesThere has been a lot going on with the transportation department this month as the residents gear up for summer. Recently, some Village On The Isle residents traveled to Tropicana Field and enjoyed the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the Minnesota. Unfortunately, the Rays lost 7-9, but the fun experience was well worth it!  Memorial day brought some of the residents to Patriots Park in Venice for the annual Memorial Day Ceremony.   Not to mention, our very own Kathleen Campbell took a trip with 20+ residents to Bok Towers.  The transportation department plays a key role in all of these wonderful outings.  It is our job to get our residents there safely and comfortably and we strive to do just that!  Stay tuned for all of the upcoming June events that the transportation is eager to be a part of.

One big change that the department experienced this month is the announcement of our new Director of Transportation, Mr. Richard Collard. Residents are welcome to contact him at extension 5490 with any questions or concerns regarding the transportation department.

A Note from the new Director Richard Collard:

“It has been my pleasure to become part of the Village On The Isle family. I have enjoyed meeting the residents and the staff, and I look forward to meeting and enjoying my time with all of the residents here at Village. All of us in the Transportation Department hope that we can be an integral part of making each day a great day for all of the residents and their families here at Village, where Every Day IS a New Day.”

Resident turns 108 years old at Village On The Isle in Venice, Florida.

In 1906 the second Geneva convention takes place, the earthquake of 1906 considered one of the worst natural disasters in history in the US strikes San Francisco at a 7.8 magnitude, Mount Vesuvius erupts, SOS becomes the international distress signal, the world’s first feature film The Story of the Kelly Gang is released, HMS Dreadnought (the first all-big-gun warship) is commissioned, BCG Immunization for tuberculosis is first developed, the Simplo Filler Pen company is founded later to become Montblanc Company. Wow that’s a lot for one year, right?

Well known names such as, American author Robert E. Howard is born, American actors Lou Costello, Roy Roberts and Billy Wilder are born, a baseball great Satchel Paige is born, famous cosmetics entrepreneur Estee Lauder is born, American gangster Bugsy Siegel is also born.

Oldest Man in FloridaAND, 108 years ago, on May 17th, 1906 our own Mr. William A. Sheetz is born in Birdsboro PA to Rev. William and Martha Sheetz. Mr. Sheetz spent his childhood in Harrisburg PA, he married Christina Dapp in 1928 and had one daughter together.

Mr. Sheetz worked for the U.S. Naval Depot in Mechanicsburg, PA until retirement. After retirement he and his wife raised and showed West Highland Terriers together. They also had two ladies dress shops.

Mr. Sheetz and his wife were married until his wife’s death, which was six days short of their 81st wedding anniversary. He has one daughter, three grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

So when you see Mr. Sheetz, don’t forget to wish him a Very Happy Birthday!

We will be celebrating Mr. Sheetz birthday, along with the rest of the May birthday’s at the resident Monthly Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday Mr. Sheetz!!

Venice Retirement Community Installs Elevator | Village on the Isle

Independent Living FloridaOur new elevator project started in early 2013 when it was brought to the attention to the board of directors’ attention that a third elevator was need in Mathew Hall, Independent Living. The primary use of the third elevator is to help elevate (pun intended) the level of safety for the residents. It will be used for ambulances, movers, electric scooters, and staff equipment. It could also be used for quicker evacuation of the building should the situation arise, if the situation dictated it. When the elevator is not being used by the movers, it could be used by the residents.

The journey to get the project started was a long one with many channels to go through. First a conceptual budget was needed so the board of directors could give their initial approval on the concept. Then approval from the city of Venice was needed to see if we could move forward with the project. Once the city approved the concept of the project, we were able to get to work! We interviewed several architectural firms, and with great confidence selected Jim Solar to come up with the design. We also selected Dunn Enterprises who not only have the construction experience for a job like this but who also have a long, good standing history with Village On The Isle. Bill Dunn has been partnering with Village on construction projects for the past 11 years. When you consider those two factors alone, we had complete confidence that his company would handle this project with the utmost professionalism and care.

With the architect and builder selected, it was time to design the elevator. First the type and manufacturer of the actual elevator had to be chosen so the shaft and adjoining area could be designed. Otis elevator was selected as the company to supply and install the elevator. Now that this was done, plans were drawn up, building proposals were submitted and accepted, and then the final plans were submitted to the city for their approval. Once the city approved the plans, permits were obtained and construction started in early November of 2013.

Just as most big projects, there are always a few issues to deal with, and on the first day of construction ours was no exception to the rule. The contractors ran into a few major problems with some underground surprises, but the project superintendent, Frank Mang, tackled them with his expertise and enthusiasm. His motto is, “There are no problems, just opportunities for solutions.” After the initial, first few major “opportunities” the project has been running smoothly.

ev1ev2The elevator that Village chose is the Otis Elevator Gen2, which has many unique features. First, it uses a traction belt instead of a cable, which is much easier to install and avoids the complications of having to install a 70 FT prism that a cable design would call for. Otis designed a system that employs flat polyurethane-coated steel belts that replace the heavy, woven steel cables which have been the industry standard since the late 19th century. The belts are approximately 3 mm (0.1 inch) thick and allow for a smaller sheave than conventional elevators. With the coated steel belts, it will give you a smoother and quieter ride. The elevator has a unique safety feature that uses a Pulse system which monitors the condition of the belt and alerts when a tear or damage occurs.

The Gen2 also uses Green technology because the design of the elevator has a motor that uses 50 to 75% less energy. It also uses LED lighting in the interior and has a sleep mode when the elevator is not in use, shutting down the lights and interior fan.

In keeping with the Green technology theme, Village also incorporated LED light fixtures to be installed in the landings of each floor. We also decided the old PTAC air conditioners will be replaced with a new mini split system. The new system will use one fifth of the power than the older units.

As you can tell, we are all looking forward to the completion of the new elevator project which is scheduled to be complete by early May! Come by and see the progress and stay tuned for the many more projects we have in store at our Venice retirement community!

When It’s Time to Move to a Retirement Community | Sarasota Retirement

10 Signs that it is Time to Move into a Continuing Care Retirement Community

couple votiThe decision to move into a retirement community is never easy. However the time may come when it is a necessary move for the health and well-being of you or a loved one.  Keeping in mind that it is always better to be pro-active than reactive, here are ten tell-tale signs that could help determine whether or not additional care is required.



  1. Increased Difficulty Managing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): Has shopping, dressing, cooking, laundry, managing medications and other normal daily tasks become painful or challenging?
  1. Recent Accidents or Close Calls:  Did a recent fall and/or accident occur or almost occur which resulted in a fear of living alone?
  1. Driving:  Are you or a loved one putting others at risk while driving?  Driving equals independence, so this is an extremely sensitive subject.  At VOTI, we recognize this fact and understand the importance of independence.  Therefore, transportation is provided for both our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents in Venice, FL.
  1. Feelings of Isolation and Depression: Is there a lack of social interaction? Unfortunately, there often comes a time when friends have either moved or passed away.  The lack of companionship is devastating and can cause both emotional and physical stress.  Our continuing care retirement community offers many group activities and opportunities for social interaction on a daily basis.
  1. Spouse Needs Additional Care:  Has the responsibility of being a caretaker for your spouse become overwhelming?
  1. Issues with Memory Loss:  Are you or a loved one becoming more and more forgetful?  This is a potentially dangerous situation as memory loss can result in safety hazards at home, i.e. forgetting to turn off the stove, leaving a candle lit, or forgetting to take important medications.
  1. Changes in Appearance and Hygiene:  Have you or a loved one lost or gained a significant amount of weight due to poor diet and nutrition? Other signs to look out for are body odor, dirty clothes, unbuttoned shirts or pants, an unshaved face, or the general lack of attention to one’s appearance.
  1. Decreased Strength and Stature: Do you or a loved one have difficulty getting in and out of chairs?  Is balance becoming an issue where falls have been more frequent?
  1. Poor Financial Decisions:  Have you or a loved one fallen victim to a scam or have difficulty managing bills or balancing a checkbook?
  1. Plans for the Future:  Are you or a loved one making important decisions about future long-term needs but do not need that level of care just yet?  If this is the case, consider a continuing care retirement community that starts with Senior Independent Living.  As needs progress, so will the level of care.

If you are interested in touring Venice’s only faith based, not-for-profit continuing care retirement community offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Skilled Nursing facilities in Venice, FL, please give us a call at 941-484-9753.

For more information on the benefits of a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) click here.

ACH Payment Accepted At Venice Retirement Home | Village on the Isle

As we grow up we are taught several lessons that are valuable to entering adulthood. One of those things that is slowly becoming extinct,  is writing and balancing your checkbook. Some of us may remember sitting at the kitchen table writing checks to pay our bills and balancing our checkbook weekly or even daily.  Now let’s face it, the first few times it’s liberating, exciting and very adult, but, after a while writing checks, or sitting in front of the computer and paying bills just turns into one bad chore. That is why using ACH payments to pay bills could be considered one of the smartest ideas ever!

ACH Payment for RetirementMany retirement communities offer the option of ACH payments just like Village On The Isle. In fact, 55% of the residents at VOTI are signed up for ACH withdraws on their monthly payments versus writing checks.

What is an ACH payment: An ACH payment is an automatic debit from your bank account that is applied to a specific bill payment whether it is monthly, weekly or daily.

There are many benefits for residents that decide to use ACH payments for their monthly payment. One benefit is the convenience factor. Payments are automatically deducted timely (5th business day) so that residents do not have to play the guessing or memory game when it comes to funds in their account. Statements are still provided by the 1st of the month to review charges. ACH Payments also take away from the worrying about paying on time when you may be preoccupied with vacations, appointments and other activities that go along with living your retirement!  Additionally, residents do not have to worry about writing a legible check anymore.

Since we live in an electronic environment where checks are now imaged and bank statements can be retrieved electronically, the act of writing a check is slowly becoming extinct. Not to mention, using ACH also helps to prevent fraud so checks cannot be manipulated or account information compromised.

Just as social security has required automatic monthly deposits and options for electronic withholding of Medicare coinsurance, we at Village On The Isle along with many other retirement communities have decided to implement ACH payments and streamline the paper process to operate more effectively. This process also allows the finance team to reconcile accounts much more efficiently.

With all of the technological changes happening, it seems like keeping up with the times CAN be beneficial and make our lives so much easier! Lets face it, as we get older we deserve to have it as easy and carefree as possible.

Now go enjoy your retirement with one less thing to worry about!