That SAME OLD Casserole…

We all know that meals are an important part of holiday celebrations. Whether it is a large turkey dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving, a rib roast for Christmas, or an all American BBQ on the 4th Of July.  Even when we are retired with more time that we had before, often in between the holidays, our meals can become routine and dull with making that same old casserole every other week & just having a bowl of cereal & coffee for breakfast.

You’ve probably started thinking about the best restaurant to take your sweetheart for Valentines Day this year.   How much more meaningful it would be to cook your “special someone” their favorite dish? With a quick search on the web, you can come up with new ideas to spruce up your meals.  Did you know that February is National Hot Breakfast Month?  When is the last time in this busy world have you taken the time to enjoy a hot meal to start your day?  February 19th-25th is National Pancake Week, plan a day to make some pancakes topped w/ fresh berries as a change of pace.  February 3rd is Chinese New Year’s, when is the last time you have gone out to a Chinese restaurant.  Mardi Gras is right around the corner on March 8th, start your day with some beignets for breakfast & some Gumbo or Etouffée for dinner. During the hot summer months plan a Hawaiian themed Luau and invite some friends and family over.  The list goes on and on, but the message is still the same, plan and have fun!

When shopping at your local market or grocery store take the time to speak to the Produce Manager and ask what fruits and vegetables are in the peak of their season. Talk to the Meat Manager and ask what cuts of meat that they might recommend, many will offer tips, menu ideas, & recipes.  Same goes for the Fish Monger, utilize their expertise on coming up with new ideas on what to serve for lunch or dinner.

While we still need to be conscious of portions and making healthy choices, food is something we can experiment with, find new loves, experience different cultures and share together! It may take a little extra research on the web and more time shopping to plan ahead, but the end result is being able to try something new and different instead of eating that same old casserole every other week, for the past five years like we all have done!



“What’s for dinner?.” The same question heard all around the world.  For many seniors today “What’s for dinner?” is not what it used to- be.  Dinner is not just a meal but also a time to socialize with friends and to learn about new cultures.  Deciding where to go for dinner is part of the fun for the new food conscious senior.  With multiple restaurants to choose from a diner can travel the world one mouth full at a time.

“What’s for dinner?” now encompasses our new lifestyle of healthier eating as well as the importance of social interaction for healthier living.   Senior dining communities follow specific therapeutic guidelines while planning menus to ensure seniors are receiving the right nutrition to keep a healthy lifestyle.  Restaurants as well, most always have healthy choices on their menus that will enable seniors to keep up with their specific dietary needs.   All these conveniences allow us more time to focus on the social aspects of dining together.  Social dining keeps us young.  Seniors today are able to enjoy good tasting foods from around the world while interacting with friends and family.

We are not saying that sharing and eating with others is a new concept, the breaking of bread with others goes back to biblical times, even when our tastes change the foods seems better when shared. Dining alone does make what’s for dinner sound like a chore; add a few friends into the equation and “What’s for dinner?” sounds more like an adventure.  It doesn’t matter if your appetite is small or large, if your meal needs to be with salt or without, it’s all about the company you keep that makes “What’s for dinner?” remembered.