Skilled Nursing at Lukehaven

Skilled Nursing at Lukehaven


Here at Village On The Isle we care for our residents like no other retirement community. We make proper arrangements and pride ourselves in giving our residents exceptional care. Some of our residents need more extensive care than others and we take those needs very seriously. We want our residents to feel safe and know that they are always cared for while here at Village On The Isle. This is especially true when our residents transfer into our Skilled Nursing community, Lukehaven.


We have you covered here at Village On The Isle. Potential residents always have many questions about our Skilled Nursing and how it works at our Continuing Care Retirement Community. Here at Lukehaven, our Admissions Coordinator works closely with the resident and their family members as they transition into Skilled Nursing, this can be a very difficult transition. At Lukehaven, we make sure all of our residents are all well tended to. When it comes to the need of Skilled Nursing, whether it be in Lukehaven or medical attention from an outside medical provider, our Admissions Coordinator works with our residents to get the care they need and deserve. One of the duties they provide is assisting with transfers between Mark Manor, our assisted living and Lukehaven, our skilled nursing, when a resident is requiring a higher level of care. If a resident requires medical attention from a hospital, our Admissions Coordinator makes daily visits to all VOTI residents to provide support, any assistance they may require or any personal items they may request. Along with visits, they work closely with the hospital caseworkers or discharge planners to help coordinate a resident’s discharge back to VOTI, even making transportation arrangements. Even if a resident is choosing to make an elective surgery we make arrangements for rehabilitation at Lukehaven following their hospital stay.


When a resident moves into our Skilled Nursing community we want them to feel at home and comfortable with their decision. We do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible and help our residents with any problems that may come up. We strive to provide the best care to everyone in our Continuing Care Retirement Community.

What Today’s Seniors Look For in a Retirement Community

What Today’s Seniors Look For in a Retirement Community



As today’s seniors are retiring, they are not looking for the typical cookie-cutter retirement home. Today’s seniors are more savvy and know what they want in a retirement community. They need more individualization and an environment in which they can continue to grow in.

First impressions can be everything. When entering a retirement community, the first thing a potential resident will notice is how well kept the environment is. We take the health and well-being of our residents very seriously here at Village On The Isle. We make sure our retirement community is always held to the highest standards, always taking our residents health into consideration. Another main component that potential residents look at when it comes to health and well-being is nutrition. Village On The Isle provides excellent meals for our residents and their personalized diets. We cater to the needs of each individual resident and what their diet calls for.

Another factor potential residents look for is the physical environment of the community, like safety and comfort of the living arrangements. Residents want to feel safe, they want to know they are in good hands and their families want to feel the same as well. Village On The Isle makes the safety and security of our residents a top priority. The following is a list of the precautions we take to make sure our residents are in a secure environment:


  • Our roofs have recently been upgraded to withstand 120 mile per hour winds.
  • All of our A/C Units are anchored and meet Miami Dade Hurricane standards.
  • 6 large emergency generators (3 on natural gas, 1 on diesel fuel and 2 bi-fueled)
  • 8 portable generators
  • Carports and walkways designed to handle 140+mph winds
  • Emergency food stocks and drinking water supply
  • LP fueled emergency cooking equipment
  • Hurricane Resistant steel shutters for resident apartment homes
  • Yearly “Live Practice Drill” in May– 3 day trip for residents where we “evacuate”to Leesburg, FL
  • Experienced & highly trained management team with long term years of service.
  • Full Time Risk Manager on site. Safety is never ignored and is a daily operation at Village On The Isle.
  • Surveillance cameras located at various spots throughout the retirement community to monitor guests, suspicious persons and prevent residents from being in areas deemed unsafe.
  • 24 hour security staff on site for emergencies

Social interaction is a huge part of retirement communities. Our residents love to be active and socialize with one another. We plan monthly activities and outings for our residents whether it is a shopping trip or just an afternoon outing for ice cream! We also offer programs and classes to help keep our residents involved. One of our popular classes is our iPad course. This helps keep our residents stay connected to technology and help them adapt to the ever changing tech world!

Village On The Isle doesn’t consider itself just a retirement community, we are our own community within itself. We treat our residents like our own family members and help them continue to grow while here at Village. We help encourage growth and instead of starting over at a retirement community, we extend on the current lifestyle of our resident. We strive to personalize each resident’s experience here and give them the individual treatment they deserve. Village On The Isle makes every resident feel valued and recognized.

The Social Aspect Of Dining Services

The Social Aspect Of Dining Services


The Dining Services Department may be responsible for providing nutrition and hydration to the residents of a retirement community, but the social interaction is just as important as the quality of the meal and service provided.   Dining Services is one of the few departments that interacts with all of the retirement community residents on a daily basis. Residents are able to dine with many different neighbors in the community, sharing conversations, reminiscing of memories in the past and discussing current events.  Many times, this will lead to making new friends while sharing different experiences others have had throughout life.  The interaction with the front of the house staff, Dining Room Managers, Hostesses, & Servers, is also part of that social interaction.  The residents share their experiences with the staff and the staff share their experiences with the residents. Over time, the residents and staff become an extended family to one another. We have many part-time, highschool or college students who interact with the residents as they learn and grow in their education and service industry.  Some of the residents even become mentors to the students  throughout their education.  Tears are often shed on both sides when the students graduate and go off to start their adult lives and careers. These are the types of bonds that are created here at Village On The Isle.


Dining Services in this retirement community also offers to help arrange a private meal or event for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just a special meal with family or close non-resident friends.  Village On The Isle has several private rooms available that can be reserved in advance, such as the Palm Dining Room, Venetian Room, Renaissance Room and Phoenix Room.  Arrangements can be made for service off of the daily menu or a customized special menu can be created for a wonderful dining experience.  Our residents also get together on a quarterly basis with their neighbors on their floor to have a light meal together, usually on a Sunday evening, to get to know each other and share good times.  

Our Dining Services also works with the Programs and Activities Department providing food and refreshment support to the various ongoing programs.  Programs include weekly social hours before dinner service, refreshments for entertainment programs,  refreshments for weekly gatherings such as church service, Men’s Club, Saturday Evening Movies and special themed  events.  Many of the themed events include a Holiday Christmas Party, New Years Eve Party, Valentine’s Day High Tea,  St. Patty’s Party,  Cinco de Mayo Party,  Luau Themed Party, Memorial Day/4th Of July/ Labor Day Party, Oktoberfest Party, in addition to many winter holiday themed events.  Dining Services also supports refreshments or boxed lunches for when Programs & Activities schedules a day long trip to visit a local attraction.  


While it is important to provide nutrition and hydration, the social experiences of Dining Services is what really helps the overall health and well being of our residents.  We look forward to dining with you in the near future!


Venice Retirement Community wishes everyone a blessed Thanksgiving


On our fabulous day of “Thanksgiving” we pause to thank God for His many blessings. We also pause to remember the earliest families and settlers who gathered amidst new friends and different food choices. Always picturing in our imagination or artist interpretations, we see the long table with turkey, potatoes, cakes, fruits and vegetables; especially corn, a major offering from the harvest. And, of course, pies from every fruit or wild berries…

Whether we gather with families here (somewhat difficult if they are “up north”) or friends at church luncheons or sit in the spacious Hibiscus Dining room or Mark Manor Dining room of Village On The Isle, it is time of celebration and choices. There will be topics of choice, the weather, sports, religion, families or even politics. Whatever the choice, it should be a day of thanks. Conversations and visiting will be throughout Village On The Isle at floor gatherings, entrance areas and especially, in the new “Café”.


Converted and totally rebuilt from the Matthew Hall Den, the beautiful “Café’ is a unique reason for thanks. It will bring friends from all over Village On The Isle to enjoy specialty coffees, flavored soft ice cream, pool and Wii.

Yes, it is a season of thanks for a singular reason but also for so much more. Our historic day transcends all things that are God’s gifts to us. In our prayers, we thank God for all His goodness and His countless blessings.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and continue to live a life of “Thanks” throughout the year.

Chaplain Don Hillerich

Continuing Care Retirement Centers, “A Retired Senior’s Best Choice.”

Continuing Care Retirement Centers, “A Retired Senior’s Best Choice.”

Retirement communities are not all the same and great care should be exercised in choosing which community best meets your needs.  This blog, written by Village, CEO Mr. Tom Kelly supports this statement.

Assisted Living SarasotaIn Florida, seniors have the option of choosing a community (CCRC) that meets specific State of Florida criteria which makes it the wisest choice and most consumer friendly choice of all the options.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are regulated under Chapter 651 Florida Statutes through the Office of Insurance Regulation.  This is the ultimate in consumer protection for seniors.

The regulations require many things of the CCRC provider of service including:

  1. Using State of Florida approved contracts.
  2. CCRCs must maintain significant cash reserves that the Office of Insurance Regulation has authority over protecting the residents’ contracts.
  3. Financial transactions of the community must be transparent and made available to the residents.
  4. Community residents must be provided a minimum four opportunities per year to meet directly with the Board of Directors/Trustee in an open meeting.
  5. Time specific refunds.
  6. Community must provide copies of inspection reports to the residents of the community and perspective residents upon request.
  7. Residents are self-governing and the State of Florida validates that management does not interfere with the residents being self-governing.
  8. Numerous other benefits for living in a CCRC.

Retirement communities (self-labeled) who are not Continuing Care Retirement Communities are not required and frequently do not meet all or any of the standards noted above.

The consumer in these non-CCRC type of organizations must rely upon the promises made without anyway of verifying the completeness of the promises.

Remember:  It is always a good idea to trust and verify all promises made by all retirement communities prior to investing your retirement dollars.

At Village On The Isle we welcome this scrutiny and applaud the seniors for their due diligence.  Check us out at (, our website ( or call us at 941-486-5484 to arrange a tour 7 days per week 365 days per year.  Carol will be happy to set-up a tour that is convenient for your schedule.


This blog was written by, Thomas Kelly, C.E.O. Director of Sales/Marketing




Retirement Community focuses on safety

Retirement Community focuses on safety

Smile – we are here for your safety.

What are some of the new, innovative ideas that we implementing for the safety of our seniors here at Village On The Isle?  One of the newest things we have added to the campus are surveillance cameras located at various spots throughout our campus.  These cameras have been installed at strategic locations to monitor activity in certain areas.  This is not big brother watching the residents; this is more like family looking to provide added protection to our loved ones.

Our security staff monitors these cameras looking for persons not recognized by staff entering the building or maybe someone just lurking around who shouldn’t be.  These cameras have been helpful in that we may observe a resident in an area not deemed safe such as a construction or work area that should be entered by employees only.  This gives us an opportunity to dispatch a staff member to the area and kindly help the resident back to safety.  Or should someone become unstable and fall within view of the cameras, we will be able to react quicker to assist them.   In addition, after hours, when the doors have been locked, we will be able to respond quicker to the area and assist a visitor trying to gain entry into the building.

These cameras are all displayed on a monitor and recorded via a DVR in the Communications area which is manned 24/7.  The lines of communication are also open to after hour visitors to our Independent Living Apartments in Trinity Hall and Matthew Hall.  Besides the video of visitors attempting to enter the building, the person at the communications desk has the capability of speaking directly to the visitor via telephone and if circumstances dictate, they have the ability of remotely opening the door allowing for entrance.


We strive to provide the best when it comes to safety for our residents.  We want them to have peace of mind and just as important we want their families to have peace of mind knowing they are safe here at Village On The Isle.

Village On The Isle residents speak on MSNBC during election coverage!

When Tom Kelly, Village On The Isle, CEO received the phone call last Thursday from NBC Nightly News producer Susan Kroll, he was pleasantly surprised.  Susan informed Mr. Kelly that after a “Google search” (in which Village On The Isle ranked #1) she performed additional research and knew this would be the perfect retirement community for their interview.  NBC wanted to explore in-depth what the issues are that will affect the vote of undecided seniors as we approach Election Day.  The residents had to be undecided on the upcoming vote.

With only 4 days to spare, Village On The Isle had 6 wonderful residents who were self-reported undecided voters, to be interviewed by NBC Nightly News.  Journalist, John Yang interviewed the 6 residents on Tuesday August 21st , 2012 on campus and the interview will air next week when he is back in Tampa for MSNBC’s election coverage.  Tune into MSNBC on Monday August 27th , 2012 at 9am and again at 11am to see the interview.


It was quite interesting to listen to the residents speak openly on their views.  Each of them undecided on their vote and age range of 75-94.  What an intelligent group of folks, very articulate, open and honest.  There was synergy throughout the group not only about their indecisiveness but when asked about the younger generations and their loyalty to voting.  There is a different mind set when it comes to the younger generations, maybe more so Generation Y.  They don’t see the value or great privilege it is to be able to vote.  The group didn’t blame them, they agreed that maybe the older generations haven’t done a good enough job instilling the value of voting to them.  When asked by John Yang, “Would any of you even think about NOT voting because of your indecisiveness?”  The group of resents responded in unisome, “No!” John Yang also asked if they had to vote right now, who would they vote for…the residents all responded – you’ll have to watch the interview to see if he unveils their responses.


Fall is in the air!


Fall is in the air!

What is it that makes us Floridians miss the autumn season? Is it that we are tired of the hot weather, or do we miss the taste of fall? Granted it is nice to have cooler mornings and less humidity but is it the fresh picked crisp apple we miss or the smell of pumpkin pie through our neighbors’ windows. With Labor Day behind us and Halloween fast approaching try explaining to a child what it was like growing up with a true autumn season. Picking apples and pressing cider is as foreign to them as their iPod is to me.


Nothing can describe the excitement in the air as we went to the harvest fair and how for the next few months Mother Nature turned the leaves of the trees into the most beautiful shades of reds, oranges and yellows one could ever imagine. I explained this to my seven year old who stared at me as if I had gone completely over the edge. What was I talking about? They had both seen the leaves turn colors every year… via the internet so what was the big deal? The big deal is that as summer does turn to autumn; we do miss the imagistic landscapes, but the true meaning of autumn is family; and Village On The Isle is family.

The VOTI family is unique, we do celebrate fall; we decorate the campus, invite friends and family to our houses, plan special holiday meals and spend more time with each other. We may not have crisps apples off a tree but we do have fresh baked apple pie. Our apple cider may come from a store, our pumpkins do not have frost on them and they are smaller than what we had up north but on Thanksgiving morning, we the VOTI family will be celebrating our blessings as Floridians’ do with a wonderful meal and a dip in the pool. Come visit us this fall at VOTI and see what you are missing!

This blog was written by Kathleen Blackburn Dietary Manager at Village On The Isle.

“Staying Connected” at Village On The Isle

At Village On The Isle, “staying connected” is important to us so we’ve structured our community to deliver the In-house IT services you need when you need them. In-House IT Services is focused on providing unparalleled Service and Support to existing and new Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents.

When our residents move in, they may ask themselves, “How am I going to hook up my computer, what if I plugged it in the wrong way, what provider should I use…etc.?” At Village On The Isle, we want resident’s transition from their current residence to their new home to be as smooth as possible. Retirement is all about not needing to worry,  so the In-house IT will hook up your computer and all residents at the Village have free access to WiFi (Wireless Network).  In-house IT also provides beginners and basic computer classes periodically throughout the year.

We know that many of our retirees who move in may have family members across the state or even the country.  We have many ways for family members to connect with residents at Village On The Isle.  We showcase our daily activities, events and residents on our Facebook page daily.  This gives others a sense of what the lifestyle and culture is at Village On The Isle in Venice, FL.  We also offer Skype capabilities to residents who may not have a video camera on their computer or for those who are not able to use a computer.  Residents whose family members wish to see them up close and personal can use our Skype mobile phone.  We will assist these residents in using and they will be video chatting with family in no time.

It is reassuring to know that with one phone call or email your IT needs are handled quickly and professionally.

Just how “independent” are you living at home alone? It may be time to think of a Continuing Care Retirement Community …

Just how “independent” are you living at home alone?

It may be time to think of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Elderly Woman Driving

Would you rather live at home, alone, depending on others, not being able to do the things you once could?  Is this really keeping your independence?  Unable to mow your lawn or keep up with daily chores around your house is a constant reminder that you may actually be losing your independence.  Why burden yourself with these worries?  You should be enjoying your retirement years… Your time is NOW!

Take a look at the list below.  Answer each question to yourself and find out if you’re really as “independent” as you want to be.  Be honest with yourself.

  • Do you spend quality time with other people every day?

YES –or- NO

  • Do you have the energy to clean the house every week?

YES –or- NO

  • Do you fix yourself 3 healthy meals per day?

YES –or- NO

  • Can you drive yourself to the store, church and other places, daily, weekly?

YES –or- NO

  • Are you able to mow the lawn and take care of your yard throughout the hot summer?

YES –or- NO

  • Can you fix things around the house by yourself?

YES –or- NO

  • Is it easy to climb steps?

YES –or- NO

  • Could you care for yourself if you broke your hip or leg?

YES –or- NO

  • Are you happy living by yourself and do you look forward to each new day?

YES –or- NO

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about Hurricane Preparedness?  If you lived in a community that took care of this for you?

YES –or- NO

  • Do you have a strong social support network, locally?

YES –or- NO

It’s important to be honest with yourself and keep a positive attitude about aging.  These are the years you should be enjoying yourself.  You should have fewer worries and really live the life you deserve.  We work towards retirement our whole lives and mowing the lawn or driving when we are impaired should not be what makes us feel independent!  Socializing with others, laughing, joining activities, relaxing with our peers – these things are what it’s all about!