Venice Retirement Community wishes everyone a blessed Thanksgiving


On our fabulous day of “Thanksgiving” we pause to thank God for His many blessings. We also pause to remember the earliest families and settlers who gathered amidst new friends and different food choices. Always picturing in our imagination or artist interpretations, we see the long table with turkey, potatoes, cakes, fruits and vegetables; especially corn, a major offering from the harvest. And, of course, pies from every fruit or wild berries…

Whether we gather with families here (somewhat difficult if they are “up north”) or friends at church luncheons or sit in the spacious Hibiscus Dining room or Mark Manor Dining room of Village On The Isle, it is time of celebration and choices. There will be topics of choice, the weather, sports, religion, families or even politics. Whatever the choice, it should be a day of thanks. Conversations and visiting will be throughout Village On The Isle at floor gatherings, entrance areas and especially, in the new “Café”.


Converted and totally rebuilt from the Matthew Hall Den, the beautiful “Café’ is a unique reason for thanks. It will bring friends from all over Village On The Isle to enjoy specialty coffees, flavored soft ice cream, pool and Wii.

Yes, it is a season of thanks for a singular reason but also for so much more. Our historic day transcends all things that are God’s gifts to us. In our prayers, we thank God for all His goodness and His countless blessings.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and continue to live a life of “Thanks” throughout the year.

Chaplain Don Hillerich

Preparing to put your parents into a Retirement Community

Preparing to put your parents into a Retirement Community


For many families, putting their loved ones in a retirement community can be nerve-racking and a scary transition. You always want to be sure that you have done your research and made the best choice possible. Most children have a deep fear of bringing their parents to an assisted living facility, even if it is as beautiful as our Florida retirement community.  They feel their parents would rather stay in their own home. This can make the decision very hard on the children and they begin to feel guilty that they may not be making the right choice.

A Senior Couple Sitting on a Park Bench Next to Rose Bushes


Here at Village On The Isle, we try and embrace the families to let them know this retirement community is the proper placement for their loved ones at this stage in their life. To make the transition easier on the families we reassure them and go over very thoroughly what we do in regards to their loved ones health and well-being. Our continuing care retirement community offers the best care for our residents which includes medication assistance, housekeeping and laundry. We also care for our residents by providing services for activities of daily living which include bathing, dressing and eating amongst other daily routines. Unlike most retirement communities that charge for different levels of care, we assist in all the activities of daily life. This can take a lot of pressure off the family members knowing that their loved ones daily routines are taken care of and that they are being provided for.


Another one of the perks of living at Village On The Isle that puts family members minds at ease is how we monitor our residents to make sure they are always safe and healthy. A fear of some families is that their loved one may not be properly taken care of when it comes to doctor appointments or other medical treatment. This is not the case at this retirement community. We facilitate and take residents to and from doctor appointments. To promote safety, we do checks on our residents every two hours, other retirement communities do not do this. The families of our residents are also very surprised when we discuss our staffing ratio when compared to other Sarasota area retirement communities. We have nurses on site 24/7 and we only hire CNA’s. We always make sure we are properly staffed with 7 CNAs daily as well as 4 CNAs nightly. We only provide the best for our residents at Village On The Isle.  


Exciting New Changes Planned For Village On The Isle

Exciting New Changes Planned For Village On The Isle


Here at Village On The Isle we care deeply for our residents and always strive to provide the best living arrangements. That is why we are currently working on our new changes planned for Village On The Isle , the “Matthew Den.” The “Matthew Den” will be located in our Independent Living, Matthew Hall and will be a great addition to our community.  We wanted to create this room to give our residents a new gathering place where they can socialize, participate in activities, and enjoy the company of others. We have a building on campus that already contains an update like this in Trinity Hall, “The Phoenix Room.” This room inspired us to do the same for our Matthew Hall residents so  our CEO, Tom Kelly, partnered with Beebe Design Studio and shortly after a renovation plan was put in place.

Going into the project we already had a few upgrades in mind that we wanted to make sure were added to the space to make the room more enjoyable. Some of the renovations include more seating for our residents, more food choices and of course a spectacular place for them to gather. When it came down to the layout of the room we brainstormed with our contractor and eventually came up with a Venetian theme for the new space and thus the Venetian Cafe was born. There are many other add-ons  that will go into this project like a cappuccino machine and soft serve ice cream, two items we are sure our residents are excited about! It will also feature a continental style breakfast for our residents to enjoy.

We also wanted the space to have more recreational use too, so we are expanding the room to make way for a new pool table. We are positive our residents will love our new upgrades and the new amenities that  Matthew Den will offer.

We are working diligently to get this project completed so we chose Dunn Enterprise’s to build the Cafe. We started this past Labor Day (September 2015) and hope to be completed by the beginning of the new year.  We truly care about the wellbeing of all who live here.  The main objective of this project is so we constantly strive to improve the lives of our residents and always provide state of the art spaces to relax and enjoy.

Den_21Den_23 (1)Den_19 (2)

Retirement Community Resident honored by US Submarine Veterans

Village On The Isle Submarine Veterans

Silent Service … Run Silent, Run Deep

IMG_3696Leonard “Bull” Durham, resident of Village on the Isle, was honored by the United States Submarine Veterans on Thursday, July 17, 2014. Bull served on the USS Crevalle from 1944-1946 and was recognized for 50 years of Submarine Qualification and service to our country. He was inducted into the Holland Club as testimony of his years of honorable and faithful service to the U.S. Navy and the Submarine Force. Welcome Aboard, Shipmate!

The USS Sailfish base was established in 2007 for submariners in Venice and the surrounding areas. The base meets the third Thursday of each month at noon at American Legion NO-VEL Post 159 located at 1770 E. Venice Avenue. Interested submariners are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Jack McAllister at (941) 493-7488.

CCRC VeniceIMG_3686USS Sailfish base members pictured from L to R: Al Harring, one of the cornerstones of the base; Leonard “Bull” Durham, July 2014 inductee; and Jack McAllister, Sr. Vice Commander

Our traveling retirement community

Florida Retirement CommunitiesThere has been a lot going on with the transportation department this month as the residents gear up for summer. Recently, some Village On The Isle residents traveled to Tropicana Field and enjoyed the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the Minnesota. Unfortunately, the Rays lost 7-9, but the fun experience was well worth it!  Memorial day brought some of the residents to Patriots Park in Venice for the annual Memorial Day Ceremony.   Not to mention, our very own Kathleen Campbell took a trip with 20+ residents to Bok Towers.  The transportation department plays a key role in all of these wonderful outings.  It is our job to get our residents there safely and comfortably and we strive to do just that!  Stay tuned for all of the upcoming June events that the transportation is eager to be a part of.

One big change that the department experienced this month is the announcement of our new Director of Transportation, Mr. Richard Collard. Residents are welcome to contact him at extension 5490 with any questions or concerns regarding the transportation department.

A Note from the new Director Richard Collard:

“It has been my pleasure to become part of the Village On The Isle family. I have enjoyed meeting the residents and the staff, and I look forward to meeting and enjoying my time with all of the residents here at Village. All of us in the Transportation Department hope that we can be an integral part of making each day a great day for all of the residents and their families here at Village, where Every Day IS a New Day.”

Busy, Busy, Busy at Village On The Isle’s Campus…

Busy, Busy, Busy at Village On The Isle’s Campus…

Here at Village On The Isle we are keeping very busy with many projects that have started or are in the planning stages.  The first project that will start very soon will be replacing the communications doors with impact resistant automatic doors. By doing this we will continue our commitments to keeping our residents safe by systematically hardening the shell of the campus and providing protection from hurricanes.

Our next project is the replacement of the covered walkway lighting. Currently we are using fluorescent lighting in that area. We will be installing new LED lighting which will increase our lighting output, give us cleaner light, is cost effective by using less energy, and this will also decrease regularly scheduled maintenance on the fixtures.

In addition, our latest project that I am proud to be a part of is our Village On The Isle Cottages.  Senior Management and the Board of Directors in keeping true to our mission statement, saw the need to enhance our campus.  Adding these Independent Living Cottages to our Village gives our residents what they need and what they have been asking for. This project was started almost two years ago. We have jumped over many, many hurdles to finally be able to start. We were proud to have had the groundbreaking ceremony last month and construction has finally begun!

Last but not least, with our commitment to Meals on Wheels increasing and the expansion of our facility, it was evident that there would be a severe impact to our excellent kitchen crew. To maintain their superb menu we needed to expand and update our main kitchen.  Our team carefully considered design, code issues, use of temporary equipment, power requirements and continuation of production. With all of this in mind, the plans have been finalized and the first phase of the project is expected to start in early January.   We are very excited for all that this going on at Village!  We strive to provide the best for our residents and our staff.

*Written by VOTI Maintenance Director, James Rafiner.

Behind the scenes of a Retirement Community Finance Office

Behind the scenes of a Retirement Community Finance Office

The finance office might be the best-kept secret at Village On The Isle.  Maybe I am just being bias as the new C.F.O. working with incredible staff at an extraordinary Continuing Care Retirement Community. The finance office has the ability to not only assist our 498 residents but also the 268 staff employed here at Village On The Isle. This back-office is made up of 4 accountants that have multiple responsibilities for maintaining excellent monthly financial management, including but not limited to:

  • Monthly billing and statements for our residents in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.
  • Providing 10-day timely payments to our vendor’s.
  • Biweekly in-house payroll services to our staff.
  • Providing accounting services for the Village Shop, Auxiliary and other committees.
  • Generating monthly financial statements within 10 business days of month-end.

We welcome and encourage residents to visit our office. We can assist with questions on monthly statements, reviewing long-term care policies, insurance claims and payments, personal financial updates for downgrades or upgrades in apartments, as well as supplying cash for residents up to $100. We love seeing our residents and I would love the opportunity to meet each of you individually.

Written by Village On The Isle, Kathi Wilson CFO

Clean and Safe Continuing Care Retirement Community in Venice, Florida

Early signs that our loved ones may need to think of moving into a retirement community can vary from not being able to complete large tasks such as yard maintenance and painting or smaller items such as forgetfulness or opening up a jar of pickles.  So what happens after they have sold their home and moved into the retirement community of choice?  How do you ensure that such items will in deed be taken care of for Mom and Dad?  As their health deteriorates will the level of care or assistance increase?  Will they be able to stay in the same community they chose?  All of these are very important questions that need to be thought of prior to making the choice.

At Village On The Isle we pride ourselves in having the cleanest, safest continuing care, faith based, retirement community of our area.  Not only is it important for us to maintain a clean and safe environment in our public areas for our residents and their families, but to ensure our residents are able to do so in their living spaces as well.  Our housekeeping department offers cleaning service bi-weekly for our Independent Living residents, which also includes changing their bed linens.  Residents may choose to have cleaning services every week at a small additional charge.  Assisted Living residents also receive weekly cleaning and much more assisted care then an Independent resident.  Independent Living residents may receive a deep cleaning once a year that includes moving furniture and cleaning underneath everything.  We vacuum chairs and couches. We move beds, we move and clean under stoves and even the refrigerators! We also clean the carpets, floors and lanais.  Our residents have to request a deep clean, but there is no extra charge to them.

Housekeeping Staff at Appreciation Lunch

Housekeeping Staff at Appreciation Lunch

Exploring the best option for your retirement not only means looking at things financially but looking at long term care that is safe, clean and offers a secure environment as well as peace of mind for the family.

Commitment to conservation: commitment to our retirement community residents

Village On The Isle, a continuing care retirement community in Venice FL, was built in 1982 making our retirement community 30 years old this year. Since then our retirement community has gone through many changes and so has the world around us. In 1982, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.30 and eggs were .89 a dozen. In 1982, the Commodore 64 an 8-bit computer with 64 kilobytes of memory was all the rage and DOS 1.25 was released.

The cost of energy has more than tripled since then. To help offset the cost, our management team has made a commitment to our Continuing Care Retirement Community residents to control our costs. To do this we have invested in newer technology and better, higher efficiency equipment.

We started at the top down. We installed a white reflective TPO roof save us 10 -15% on energy costs. Not only was the roofing an economical savings to us, it helped with the protection of our residents as it was designed to the newest hurricane construction standards.

We are systematically replacing our older windows and doors with energy efficient, impact resistant window systems. Windows are also treated with window film that reflects out the sun and reduces solar heat gain by 85%.

To reduce cost from our air-conditioning system (which counts for 65% of our energy consumption) we take a multi layer approach. First we are replacing out older air-conditioning units with higher SEER rated units. This saves us additional costs on our utilities. At the same time we install UV lights in the air-handling units. This keeps their coils cleaner which in turn keeps the efficiency high. Programmable thermostats have also been installed. The most significant benefit of using a programmable thermostat is the ability to preset the temperature during the day or night. By using the heat or air conditioning less when away from area, less energy is used and this turns into savings on the energy bill.

Minnie split air-condition units are used where they are applicable; these units are some of the most efficient systems (up to 26 SEER).  We also have variable frequency motors on our pumps that throttle when they are not in high demand; this produces a 30% savings in energy.  All of our new appliances are Energy Star appliances are that generally use 20%–30% less energy than required by federal standards.  High efficiency boilers and water heaters are used which are 94.6% efficient in heat transfer range compared to our older boilers that were 50 % efficiency.  As you can see we are making every effort in all areas of this retirement community to be “green.”

Lighting is another area that we are making strides in. We started by replacing the 4,000 incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs: this saved us 75% in energy savings. They also produce 75% less heat, so it’s safer to operate and can cut associated cost with cooling.  Our older T-8 fluorescent bulbs are being replaced with T-12 bulbs that save 20% energy. LED fixtures are starting to be installed in our outdoor areas. LED fixtures use 1/3 to 1/30th of a standard fixture and last 10 to 15 times longer.

We are also taking advantage of the sun, we use solar heat to help heat our swimming pool. We are also using initiative technology using a solar system to help heat our domestic water. We are preheating our water before it goes to our water heating boilers. By preheating the water before it goes into the boilers we have decreased our energy consumption by 30%. We believe that we are the first in the state if not the county to use this technology in that manner.

These are just a few of the ways we reduce our energy needs and carbon footprint. By doing so we are preserving our environment and directing cost savings to enhancing resident care and our community!

Think retirement community living means life is over? Think Again!

Think Retirement Community Living means  “life is over”?  Well think again!  When you come to Village On The Isle we believe your life is just beginning. Or as we often like to say, “Your Time is Now!”   We are a continuing care retirement community, and have Independent Living, Assisted Living Care, and a Skilled Nursing Facility. Actually, facts support that staying in your home alone too long can result in losing your independence early.  Poor diet, Isolation, no interaction with others, all lead to mental and physical deterioration thus the loss of your independence.

At Village On The Isle we focus on living life to the fullest at any age and at any level of care.  Our focus is on healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on a holistic, individual approach to body, mind & spirit. This will enhance your present health, and we strive to assist you to maintain that level and far better.

We serve delicious, nutritionally planned meals with wide variety of menu options.  We offer exercise programs for every level and interest. We also provide transportation to Dr.’s appointments, grocery, shopping, planned activities, housekeeping services, and security on duty 24 hours a day.  All of these amenities assist in keeping you healthy, stress free, and help maintain the highest level of independence for as long as possible. So come and let us show you, how to make everyday a new beginning. “Every Day is a new Day at Village On The Isle.”