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Why One Village On The Isle Resident Didn’t Hesitate to Move-in

When Grace I. talks about her journey to Village On The Isle, she attributes much of it to “the stars aligning.”   

A Venice, Florida, resident for 25 years, Grace initially thought she’d wait a bit before considering a move to a senior living community. However, after a campus visit, a friendly exchange with a community resident and “feeling like she needed more” socially, she put her name on the wait list. 

What happened next was beyond her expectations. 

Exactly What She Wanted

Thinking it would be a while before she needed to make any concrete decisions about moving, Grace gets a call from Beverly, Director of Marketing and Sales, about two months later.

Grace and her friend with tennis rackets in hand.

“Before joining the wait list, the folks at Village On The Isle will ask you about your priorities along with your apartment preferences,” Grace says. “I told her exactly which side of the building I wanted to be on (at this particular location), the kind of apartment and view I wanted, but I was really on the list for any apartment. It was almost too good to be true because it was exactly where I pinpointed it on the map. It was truly like the stars aligned.” 

Grace knew exactly what she was getting and already had a feel for the community. So, when it came to decision time, there was zero hesitation.

“I thought maybe I should take advantage of this opportunity,” she says, noting maintenance-free living and opportunities for socialization. 

Beyond that, Grace also didn’t want her children to worry about her.

“My life is here; they’re in New York,” she says. “I came here mainly because I was looking for a community that offers a full continuum of care.” 

Moving to Village On The Isle

Eight weeks in, Grace has settled into her new Trinity Hall apartment with a view of a lovely grassy commons she enjoys so much.

“I play tennis three times a week now,” she says. “I get to eat dinner with interesting people, and I can try different activities.” At the time of this interview, Grace just returned from her first woodworking class. 

“I loved it,” Grace exclaims, but quickly notes she’s also learned to play Mexican Train (dominoes) and mahjong. 

In addition to the abundance of activities, Grace continues to be impressed by the friendliness of her fellow residents and responsiveness of the staff.

“I can’t believe how welcoming the people are,” she says. “The people are so kind, including staff, because if you encounter a problem at home or elsewhere on campus, they handle it beautifully. Before moving here, the staff also take you through every step of the way.”

Why Wait?

How soon should people join the wait list to move to Village On The Isle? Grace says, “Why wait at all?” 

“We don’t know what the future holds for us,” she says. “I have a dear friend here in her late 80s, and she said she was sorry she didn’t come sooner. I hear that so often around here. I think if you have the opportunity, you come and live here. Make the move NOW.” 

From our island locale and our dynamic social calendar to the ever-charming downtown Venice, see why residents like Grace choose Village On The Isle as their retirement destination. Schedule your visit and learn more by calling 941-202-4451 today.

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